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How to contribute to ScienceSoft

The ScienceSoft initiative is in its early concept phase. There are three planned phases:

Concept phase (January to June 2012)
We collect ideas, discuss with users and communities, try to understand what they need and what functionality should be provided

Design phase (July to September 2012)
We refine the requirements in well-define pieces of functionality, understand how they interact with each other, if they already exist somewhere and can be reused or have to done from scratch.We decide what can be done by a single person, by a small team or by a large group

Implementation phase (October to December 2012
Here is where we implement the functionality, build the active ScienceSoft portal, run tests and make sure everything works

Operation phase (January 2013 onwards)
We run and use it The Concept phase is an excellent time to join and share your ideas.

You can contribute in many ways:

ScienceSoft Contributor
The ScienceSoft Contributors actively participate to the definition, design and implementation of the ScienceSoft initiative. They can have an editorial role (deciding what to publish and when, how to structure the web site, etc) or a development role (to develop and maintain the web site functionality)

Community Member
The Community Members use the web site to share ideas and content and find what they need. An important aspect of this role is provding feedback and comments, not only to other members, but also to the ScienceSoft Contributors, so that the web site and the tools can be constantly improved. Community members can be individual users (scientists, engineers, developers, etc) or can represent and organize projects, collaborations, institutes or companies:

  • Project Manager: register and manage a project within ScienceSoft. Projects represent software products or services
  • Collaboration Manager: register and manage a collaboration within ScienceSoft. Collaborations represent groups of people working together towards common goals, like research projects, scientific communities, technical focus groups, etc
  • Institute or Company Manager: register and manage an Institute or a Companyn within ScienceSoft. Institutes and Companies represent real world organizational entities


How to join ScienceSoft

If you are interested in joining ScienceSoft as a Contributor, make yourself known to us by registering as a new member. If you have a valid CERN account (full or lightweight), you can already login. If not, you can ask for a lightweight CERN account valid on ScienceSoft and other CERN web sites. More information are available on the Login page when you click on the Login button in the top-right corner of any page.

You can also subscribe to the Contributors mailing list sciencesoft-discuss telling us something about yourself and how you would like to contribute. Every contribution helps, from sharing a cool idea to developing a full-fledged drupal module to register and manage complex collaborations of people and institutes and anything in between.



For support and more information contact the support team